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Papaya has been driving awareness and sales for Strength Meals Co. for over 2 years to consumers in Australia. Comprehensive PR campaigns, strategic social media marketing, and clever influencer campaigns have all been implemented to gain maximum return.

How We Got There

Papaya implemented multiple influencer campaigns for Strength Meals Co’s new range of ready-made high protein meals. The objective was to create a genuine connection with health and wellness influencers and their followers. This was carried out in the form of a beautifully packaged product send out, to encourage social media shares amongst media and influencers.

Papaya orchestrated send outs featuring Strength Meals Co’s branded chiller bags, packed with a range of complimentary Strength Meal Co products. Papaya reached 64 influencers with this send-out, producing mass traction and coverage including multiple reels, stories and in feed posts garnering a potential viewership of 988,507 people.

Social media was key for this campaign’s success. Papaya was responsible for generating exciting, informative and creative content for Strength Meal Co’s Instagram and Facebook platforms in both Australian and New Zealand. This includes scheduling and posting organic and paid content across those platforms. Papaya used social content and ad spend to create awareness for the Strength Meals Co launch content, including social media competitions to generate excitement and buzz in the fitness and health community about these protein rich and convenient meals.


Social Media

FB and IG ads saw an increase in reach (+198%) and an increase in impressions (75%) and reach (+247%).


The campaigns included 64 influencers that achieved a total reach of 988,507 people total!


Papaya organised a talented food photographer to capture the new meal range for the brand, these images were then able to be used across the brands social platforms creating a seamless and on brand imagery for Strength Meals Co.

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