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Millon Wines is a family-owned South Australian winery – Papaya created a PR retainer program for Millon Wines The Impressionist range and a special release, sensory experience kit.


Papaya saw the opportunity to gain media publications attention and increase consumer awareness of the new Millon Wines range through leveraging a novel hook of the sensory pack. The publicity focused on two main pillars: Product, which involved news and gifting features along with creative editorial stories, lifestyle media and influencer engagement. Trade was our second phase focus inclusive of news and gifting features and spokesperson commentary.


Papaya secured high impact coverage in the media sector receiving attention from publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, WHO Magazine, Now to Love, Food Wine Travel, and Gastrology.

With Millon Wines being a smaller, family owned and run company it was important for Papaya to execute influencer involvement. By including influencers such as, @Urbanswan, @martinaliang, @sliang95 and @eloisejaksic. This garnered as much traction as possible while maintaining the brand’s authentic image. This activity generated a viewership of over 300,000 people.


Media coverage

Multiple pieces of high impact coverage in publications including, Who magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. The campaign reached a readership circulation over 8,361,771 people! 

Influencer Engagement

Multiple Influencers that received The Impressionist range and a special release, sensory experience gained a massive viewership of 305,592 people total across socials.

Millon wines tasting pack
Millon wines shiraz
Millon wines tasting pack
Millon wines winery south australia
Millon wines decanter
Millon wines

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