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Top Chefs Support National Barramundi Day

60% of barramundi in Australia is imported. We asked Dan Hong, Matt Moran, Matt Stone and Mitch Orr to call on Australians' to Ask For Aussie Barra.


National Barramundi Day

High impact coverage secured each year, including ABC News, Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 7, Daily Telegraph, Broadsheet

Chef Engagement

Pre and post chef event surveys measured the likelihood of chefs featuring Aussie farmed barra on their menus in the next six months
Before – Definitely 45% / probably 52%/ Definitely not 3.45%
After – Definitely 70% / probably 30% / Definitely not 0%

Recipe Book

Created a digital recipe book partnering with influential Australian chefs, downloaded over 5,000 times.

Social Media

Content across social media celebrates barramundi's flavour, versatility and its farmers. We continue this approach managing their social channels, collaborating daily with the team.


Navigating the seafood industry is complex and requires a detailed understanding spanning retail, restaurants, consumers, trade and government. Luckily with barramundi we have a uniquely delicious Australian gem, cultivated by our dedicated farms across the country. 


In our longstanding relationship with the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association over the last five years, we continuously evolve and grow the brand’s identity through dynamic multi-channel campaigns. Our ultimate aspiration? To instil in Australians’ a deep-rooted awareness of their seafood’s origins, today and forever. 


With four years of successful campaigns under our belt to change consumers mistakenly believing that imported fish is Australian, we were so proud in 2023, when the government announced Country of Origin Labelling Laws for seafood in hospitality


Introducing Australia’s first National Barramundi Day in 2019 marked a significant milestone in this journey, sparking nationwide momentum every year. Each year we collaborate with over 100 restaurants to create unique barramundi specials and celeb chefs to ignite widespread awareness and celebration of Australian barramundi. 


Our communication strategy to encourage more Australians to choose Aussie barra also extends into building and cultivating a digital consumer database. Here, we keep our audience well informed and inspire the mind with a never-ending supply of recipes to show and stories to tell. 

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