Hospitality PR

What has the Mannequin Challenge – a celebrity viral trend participated in by the likes of Taylor Swift, LeBron James and Michelle Obama – got to do with the Aussie hospitality industry? Not much, some may argue, but when it comes to getting aging pubs and clubs to engage with a fresh demographic, it has everything to do with it.

To revitalize the youthful image of the Royal Oak Hotel and attract a younger demographic to its doors, the Papaya PR team began speaking to millennials in their language on their platforms.

With their fingers on the pulse of all things social media, the Papaya PR team hosted the very first mannequin challenge in a Sydney pub to showcase the venue’s aesthetic appeal, quirky personality and relevance to the younger trend-driven audience. The event resulted in:

  • A whopping 30,000 people in fully organic and unpaid traffic to the event/pub
  • Nearly 9,000 organic (unpaid) video views
  • Features in the two most influential young professional targeted publications in Sydney – Broadsheet and Urban List

To say the least, the hospitality PR strategy that went into the creation of this event was a huge success with brought willing participants in droves. More importantly, it generated goodwill, brand equity and a generated a genuine connection between the pub and the intended demographic. #winning