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Australian Hotelier Awards Social Media Marketing Award Win

Last week, Papaya took the stage with the team from Rose of Australia to accept the award for ‘best social media activity’ at the Australian Hotelier Awards NSW 2017.The winning social media marketing campaign saw The Rose of Australia secure 140 function enquiries 10 days following the launch of its function space, Howard’s Cocktail and Cantina Bar, on social media.

In attendance were over 1,000 pub owners and restauranteurs from across Sydney and New South Wales.

Both Pubtic and The Drop covered the story, featuring the below video, in which Catherine explains the winning strategy and approach.

Video Transcript

The Rose of Australia bought us in to launch Howard’s, which is a sophisticated cantina concept, in a locals’ pub in the middle of Winter – so we really had a challenge set out for us. It’s not about having hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s about having and engaging your exact target market and for this pub, this family pub, that’s the local community. We really believe that Social Media is about building relationships, and to build a relationship you need to share a story. So, we really focused on sharing the stories, of each family (member), Howard, through family photos and also sharing the personalities and expertise of the staff.

The Rose of Australia may not have the biggest following, but Facebook comparison insights our engagement is 50% above some of Sydney’s most iconic venues. We’ve also seen a massive increase of the number of people tagging themselves at The Rose of Australia, taking photos of their food, caught the attention of some of Sydney’s best food writers and bloggers. So, Social Media is more than just likes, or followers, it’s about generating real business conversion and through the launch of Howard’s on Social Media we saw one hundred and forty function bookings in just ten days


Making sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead Morning Show

Making sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead

Papaya client, El Topo Cantina’s head chef George Sideris created sugar skulls with Kylie and Larry on The Channel 7 Morning Show to celebrate the Day of the Dead. To try Mexican food as authentic as the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, visit El Topo Cantina in Warwick Farm.

Get yourself into the Day of the Dead spirit by trying the sugar skull recipe below:


  • 4 cups sugar
  • 6 teaspoons meringue powder
  • 6 teaspoons water


  1. Mix dry ingredients. Slowly add water and mix until sugar has a crumbly, wet beach sand consistency.
  2. Fill your skull moulds, pressing tightly into the mould.
  3. Flip the moulds onto a flat surface and allow to dry 8 hours or overnight.
  4. Once dried, brush the excess sugar away and then use royal icing to cement the front and backs of the sugar skull together, and coloured royal icing to decorate.
woman taking a photo

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot – October 2017

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot – October 2017

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot - October 2017 1

  1. PayPal users can now send money to or request money from their friends directly via Facebook Messenger. This new feature is an expansion of the company’s relationship with Facebook.
  2. Using emojis in social media posts increases engagement. A new study found posts without emojis had an interaction rate of 1.77 percent. In contrast, the engagement rate on posts with emojis was about 2.07 percent, and the average increase in absolute interactions for posts with emojis was 43 percent.
  3. Instagram is testing a stop-motion camera for stories. The Stop Motion tool allows you to take a series of photos, but not to edit individual images. Once you’re done snapping photos, you tap “done” to gain access to story-editing tools like stickers and text. From there, you can post the stop-motion GIF to your story.
  4. Facebook revealed its first country-specific stats for the instant messaging platform, claiming 13 million Australians use Messenger each month.
  5. Facebook is rolling out a feature where users will be able to order food through the Facebook app. Not available in Australia yet, but only a matter of time.