Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot 1

  1. Snapchat’s growth numbers have slowed significantly since the introduction of Instagram Stories, while more and more reports suggest that platform influencers are switching from Snap to Instagram, due to increased reach and opportunity
  2. Malteser’s Australia have launched their new honeycomb Maltesers with a fun and creative 3D Facebook advertisement:
  3. Twitter is now testing out a new 280 character limit with some users. Longer tweets have always been in discussion, with the 140 character limit seen by some as a restrictive factor.
  4. Instagram’s adding a new method for conducting polls, with a sticker option that lets you pose a question within your Instagram Story and see the results from your followers as they participate.
  5. Facebook have introduced a new camera effects platform. You can now create your own effects for the Facebook camera, from the simplest frame to the most stunning augmented reality experiences.


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