Goth Foods on Network 10

Network 10 LIVE: Goth Foods

Papaya client, The Epping Club’s Nick Whitehouse cooked up ‘Midnight Barramundi Sashimi’ on Channel 10’s The Studio to celebrate Halloween with the dark food trend. To try goth food, enjoy the black risotto at Rawsons Restaurant or the black burger at the club’s bistro.

Alternatively, try the recipe below

Midnight Barramundi Sashimi
Serves 4

Chive oil
1 bunch chives
150ml ground nut oil
1tsp sea salt

Complete dish
550g sashimi grade Australian sustainable barramundi
120ml chive oil
80ml Shiso vinegar (alternatively use ikari dressing)
40g green shallot
20g toasted black sesame seeds
4 small Hawkesbury squid (cleaned)
20ml squid ink (or to taste)
1 punnet coriander cress
1 punnet pea shoots

Use a jug blender to make chive oil and blend until smooth then set aside in squeezy bottle.
Slice barramundi 3mm thick.
Slice squid across the body into thin rings, wash and cook in boiling water for 20 seconds chill on ice then reserve.
Mix squid with the squid ink and set aside.
Finely slice the shallots on an angle.

To plate the dish
Lay out the barramundi on 4 plates.
Rub each slice with the squid and its ink.
Drip chive oil on each slice.
Drip Shiso vinegar on each slice.
Snip and sprinkle coriander cress & pea shoots over dish.
Sprinkle capers & shallots over the dish.
Leave dish for 2-5 minutes then enjoy.

Hospitality Magazine: Papaya PR team taking social media pictures

Hospitality Magazine: How To with Papaya

Hospitality Magazine: How To with Papaya

On the back of Papaya’s social media blogger appetite, Hospitality Magazine’s Madeleine Woolway spoke to Catherine on how to increase a venue’s Instagram following:

Running a tight social media ship is a must in the industry, with a solid following holding the potential to pack out venues and garner loyal support. So who better to learn from than the social media gurus themselves — food bloggers. Catherine Slogrove from Papaya PR looks at how to take a creative digital approach and examines the Papaya Food Blogger Appetite 2017 survey.

Read the original article here
woman taking a photo

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot

Papaya’s Monthly Social Media Snapshot 1

  1. Snapchat’s growth numbers have slowed significantly since the introduction of Instagram Stories, while more and more reports suggest that platform influencers are switching from Snap to Instagram, due to increased reach and opportunity
  2. Malteser’s Australia have launched their new honeycomb Maltesers with a fun and creative 3D Facebook advertisement:
  3. Twitter is now testing out a new 280 character limit with some users. Longer tweets have always been in discussion, with the 140 character limit seen by some as a restrictive factor.
  4. Instagram’s adding a new method for conducting polls, with a sticker option that lets you pose a question within your Instagram Story and see the results from your followers as they participate.
  5. Facebook have introduced a new camera effects platform. You can now create your own effects for the Facebook camera, from the simplest frame to the most stunning augmented reality experiences.