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Papaya created a high impact media and social media program with a phased approach to launch Ambarvale Hotel. This allowed for two bites of the cherry, prepping the market for the redevelopment by securing coverage in local media and creating a high impact media launch campaign. The purpose of the PR campaign was to build awareness of the completely renovated Ambarvale Hotel to media outlets and promoting the very first Ambarvale brewery, new bistro and menu, The Greenhouse dining area, sports lounge and VIP lounge


Launch Coverage

Secured 13 pieces of coverage from top digital, print and radio publications like Daily Telegraph, TIMEOUT, Concrete Playground, Urban List and 2GB


Image library of over 100 professional quality images delivered within 24hrs which helped secure media coverage as well as building a library to use on social media

Social Media

Reaching over 600k people in the local area driving foot traffic to the venue


A fully functional and responsive website showcasing the amazing new Sydney superpub


Papaya positioned the epic venue as a “superpub” and highlighting the microbrewery, generating a flurry of consumer and media images

PR Hotel Launch

Papaya strategically implemented a phased approach to the PR component with a thorough media pitching program, cleverly crafted angles, newsworthy hooks and great images of the renovated venue, securing coverage in major local and industry print and online publications like Concrete Playground, Urban List, TimeOut Macarthur Advertiser, Macarthur Chronicle, Macarthur Magazine, The Shout and Pubtic as well as securing a live radio segment on 2GB radio with Chris Smith.

We launched the Ambarvale social media program in September 2018 with a pre-launch teaser campaign featuring time-lapse video content of the build. Once we’d prepped the market, the launch campaign and the post-launch campaign kicked in. These stages were executed by targeting key demographics in the local Ambarvale area with a comprehensive ad strategy to reach new audiences and engage with their current audience. We also built their database with lead magnets which ultimately drove foot traffic to the launched venue.

This was a very successful campaign which saw around 600k people reached, over 630 leads captured and a significant growth of social media followers from the local area.

It was highly important for us to create beautiful and engaging content to support the launch of Ambarvale Hotel. On the venue’s opening day, ourin-house photographer captured drool worthy and pornalicious images of the new menu items. We also captured sleek venue shots of the unique dining areas and offerings such as the Greenhouse and in-house Brewery. The photoshoot was wrapped up and delivered within hours of the venue launching. These highly captivating images also played an important role by grabbing attention from journalists and securing coverage in top tier publications. Ambarvale Hotel also used these beautiful images on their website to showcase their delicious menu items and stunning atmosphere.

As part of re-launching the Ambarvale Hotel with a fresh new look, we re-designed the website. We focused on creating a fast, responsive and an easy user journey website experience with an online booking system. We also setup a Facebook pixel to re-market social media posts and ads to website visitors.

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