What’s the hottest food trend of 2017?

Which social media platform do you need to be on to promote your business?
What were biggest social media faux pas of 2016?

With a combined following of nearly 1 million, Sydney’s top 20 food bloggers have spoken in this report uncovering the top trends and what makes your business stand out from the crowd. Participants included leading bloggers and influencers such as 2 Hungry Guys, Hello Miss May, Simon Food Favourites and Once Upon a Wine among others.


Leading PR and social media agency, Papaya, launched Sydney’s first food blogger survey to help venues and products understand how they can use social media marketing and blogger engagement as part of their marketing strategy.


Papaya specialises in social media and PR for the food, beverage and hospitality industries with clients that include pub groups, fine dining restaurants, events, franchises and leadings RSLs.


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