Health Food PR

Were you surprised when you heard no-sugar donuts exist? So were we. But with the Papaya team’s penchant for sweet treats, it was a partnership that was meant to be.

To generate awareness for Noshu’s range of products, Papaya PR ran a food public relations  campaign to leverage donut day with something a little unexpected, a guilt-free donut.

Through media pitching to key contacts and highlighting the founder’s incredible entrepreneurial journey, Papaya PR secured for Noshu:

    • An interview on 2GB with Chris Smith that generated enquiries from around the globe, including the USA, and requests from a new distributor
    • A segment on Studio 10 profiling Noshu’s range of delicious flavours: banana and coconut, chocolate raspberry and caramel spice
    • A piece in the Daily Mail on founder Rachel Bajada’s remarkable story founding Noshu

Overall, the warehouse was cleared out of product within three days following the campaign and website traffic markedly increased #winning #foodpr

Noshu Donuts 1