Restaurant Social Media

As sincere fans of a good old pub with lots of personality, the Papaya PR team jumped at the opportunity to get the community excited about a new pub in a remote area.

To spread the word about the Gregory Hills hotel and build hype for its grand opening, Papaya PR crafted a savvy restaurant social media program designed to build an audience for the pub months before its launch.

By employing a combination of promotional and quirky content that showcased the personality of the pub along with targeted and strategic ad placements, Papaya was able to generate:

  • An audience of over 10,000 people between the months of March and the launch in July
  • Sensational engagement and reach with up to 1.2k likes on some posts
  • Tight and ultra-targeted audience growth within a 7 km radius of the venue
  • Multiple PR opportunities generated via the Facebook page in local media

Overall, the Gregory Hills Hotel has enjoyed tremendous foot traffic and business thanks to the sensational success of their restaurant social media. To date, their social media audience continues to grow and has evolved into a tight knit local community and regulars to the establishment.